Sell Your Citroen Cx

At Cash 4 Cars we love to buy cars, in fact we will buy absolutely any car, regardless of make, model, age or condition. We want to buy your Citroen Cx today and will happily pay the best possible price on collection.

We offer a free car collection service for all models of Citroen Cx and will collect all over Scotland at your convenience. We may even travel further but it is best if you call or email us to check first.

Citroen is a very popular car manufacturer and the Citroen Cx was no exception, in fact thousands were sold across the UK.

Other models in the range are Citroen Cx Saloon 20 4dr, Citroen Cx Saloon 22 TRS 4dr, Citroen Cx Saloon 25 Pallas iE, Citroen Cx Saloon 25 GTi 4dr A, Citroen Cx Saloon 25 GTi Turbo, Citroen Cx Estate 20 Safari 5d, Citroen Cx Estate 20 Familiale, Citroen Cx Estate 22 RS Safari, Citroen Cx Estate 22 RS Famili, Citroen Cx Estate 22 TGE Safar, Citroen Cx Estate 25 TGi Safar, Citroen Cx Estate 25 TRi Safar, Citroen Cx Estate 25 TGi Famil, Citroen Cx Diesel Saloon 25 DTR Turbo, Citroen Cx Diesel Estate 25 DTR Turbo, Citroen Cx Diesel Estate 25 TGD Turbo, Citroen Cx Saloon Special Edition 22 Croisette, Citroen Xm Hatchback 2.0 5dr.

We buy unwanted cars, scrap cars, accident damaged cars, MOT failures, & scrap commercial vehicles. We also break down and recycle your vehicle the legal way, filling out all of the required DVLA paperwork. Even if your Citroen Cx has no MOT, TAX, or the Citroen is damaged. We want to buy it from you. We are the No1 choice for Scrap Car Services & Scrap Car Collection.

Contact us today if you want cash for your old car and leave the scrap cars collections services to us.

Already had an offer for your Citroen Cx? Call 07783 666 458 today to see if we can beat it.

We will collect your Citroen Cx in around the major towns and cities such as Edinburgh, Glasgow & Aberdeen however we are more than happy to collect your old or scrap car in Scotland or nationwide.

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